A “Brand” Relationship

It is amazing how closely related human relationships are to brand relationships.  Think about your favorite company. Maybe it is Apple, Amazon, or Home Depot. They can all evoke a specific emotion or feeling based on your experience with them.  Why? Because they are building relationships with their customers. Companies want you to like them, trust them, and believe they are loyal. That makes for a good friendship– right.  I know, I know… people are way more important than companies, but it is the nature of the beast. To have loyal, trusting customers, they need to believe you are a loyal and trusting business.  You MUST have an excellent relationship. You need to be a brand they speak well of… to be a trusting friend.  

“Brand is a set of intangible assets of a company, service, or product. It is a definition of an emotional relationship between customers and the business.”

-Arek Dvornechuck

Unlike Brand Identity,  your brand is not what you say it is, but what the customer says it is, that is why you need to know your brand identity.  Your customers need to know that it will not change like shifting sand, and what they see is what they get.

How your brand is perceived will affect its success

In a relationship, we may want someone to know that we are adventurous, but if we never do any exciting activities, well they may think otherwise and choose to hang out with adventurous people.  It doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you; it’s just what you were “advertising” was not true to your nature. What you want for your company is for people to speak what you believe about your company.  

I am amazed at how loyal people are to their brands.  It can be expensive, and not as reliable as others, but because of the relationship that is built, they are reluctant to leave.  They trust their “friend,” and because they believe in this amazing company, they will shout its praises off the rooftop and even persuade others to do the same.  It would take a significant dispute between them and their loyal brand to back away from the relationship. And why is this…  A good relationship is built on trust; they keep their promise.

Think about some major brands and what they promise to their customers.   The customer knows this is how the relationship will work. I will pay this much for a promise you say you will keep.  That type of relationship builds trust.

When you know you have a good relationship

When you have found a friend that you can’t imagine being without, you have found a good thing.  This is when you know you have built a good relationship with a customer. They can’t imagine using any other product that is similar to yours.  You are the best, and no one compares to your customer service, delivery service, quality of service, and merchandise. You might even get a nickname over time.  Many brands know they have reached success or are growing when customers give them nicknames. Think of companies like “Tar-je” or “FedEx.” I say all of this because this is what it will take to make loyal customers. What if you started acting shady and being unfriendly and not honest.  You will most likely lose a wonderful friend, and who wants to do that? Nobody!  

If you want to have, loyal customers think of what type of personality your business needs.  

  • What’s its name?
  • What does it wear? (ie, design)
  • How does it communicate? (ie, positioning)
  • What are its core values, and what does it stand for? (ie, brand promise)
  • Who does it associate with?  (ie, target market)
  • Is it well known?  (ie, brand awareness)  

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Just like we attract certain people or repel people from our lives based on what we wear, how we speak and our personality, our company can do the same. One thing to remember– you will not attract everyone, but if you can keep loyal customers, you should go far.