10 Ways to Know That Your Website is Ready for 2021

10 Ways to Know That Your Website is Ready for 2021

Your website for some of your potential customers is their first impression of you. Its tone, information, bios, and the about us page gives them a sneak peek into your company’s personality. It helps them decide If they would like to work with you or buy your product. We know that first impressions are important.

Cynthia Ozick quotes, ``Two things remain irretrievable: time and a first impression.``

Once people think they know who you are, it can be challenging to change their mind, almost as impossible as trying to make up for wasted time.

Here are a few questions to ask to see if your website is still conveying the right message. Essential questions such as, Is it up to date with the current times? Is it inviting and allows your customer to know who you are and why you exist. A good website can generate leads, help customers see why they should work with you, and even propel them to tell a friend about who you are and why they just can’t keep you to themselves.  

Because we know it can be hard to evaluate if your website is ready. Here are ten questions you can ask yourself to see if your website is due for a redesign or updating. 

1. Is it secure?

When you visit an encrypted site with SSL, you know that you can type personal information on that website. It will remain private. Seeing the padlock and https://, customers know that their information is safe and are more likely to provide needed data to serve them better.

2. Is it Mobile-friendly?

Google likes mobile-friendly websites, so optimizing your website to be mobile-friendly your SEO will be more effective, and you will rank higher in search results.

Also, many people use their mobile devices because they like instant access to information. If your company website is not mobile-friendly, the results can be devastating.

3. Is it easy to navigate and find information?

The statistic speaks for itself.
94% of customers believe user navigation is the most useful website feature.

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4. Are your team profiles and pictures up-to-date?

You should update your team profiles to improve your brand image; your profiles are old, or an employee left.

5. Was it redesigned in the last three years?

Ideally, it would be best to do a full redesign of your website every two to three years to stay modern. However, suppose your website is not performing in terms of traffic or conversion. In that case, it is time to re-evaluate and make some updates to capture your user’s attention and turn them into customers.

6. Do you have a clear call to action and multiple ways for your clients to reach you?

One thing to remember is that a great call to action can turn clicks into customers. When you have a compelling CTA, it can help increase your company’s revenue while also expanding your customer base. A clear CTA has the capabilities to sell a product, increase followers on social media, and instruct visitors on what they need to do next on your site. So what does your customer need to do: is it “Learn More,” “Subscribe,” “Schedule a Demo,” “Book Now”? Don’t leave your potential client wondering what to do next. Guide them into the clear next step.

7. Does the messaging match your current and future direction?

Have you made changes within your company, and you need to relay that to your customers? 

8. Do you have analytics installed so you can monitor your traffic?

With analytics, you can learn a lot about your visitors and enhance the user experience. Website Analytics will reveal how your site visitors behave once they are on your website, who they are, how old they are, and even their demographics.

9. Are the links to your social profiles accurate and complete? Do you have social profiles?

Here are three reasons you should add social links to your profile:

1. Link building
2. Improving your overall digital presence
3. Get the user interaction smooth and right.

10. Do you have fresh content?

Fresh content can provide more keywords for your website and can increase your authority and potential. It is also an excellent way to keep customers informed of changes and updates about your business or products and services. 

Imagine if you had a website that consisted of everything above.

And even though this takes time and education, it is possible.  If you are looking to grow leads, create SEO content, build a social media presence and understand your customer more so you can serve them better, we have a team that is knowledgeable, fun, and ready to help you reach your vision. Your time is now!  Create a website that not only you will love but your customers will enjoy!