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Now you can prove your online marketing strategy is working!

Many of your colleagues don’t understand marketing, and maybe you don’t always understand either. You’re not actually sure if your online marketing efforts are working, and if they are, you can’t prove it. You don’t know who’s visiting your website and how they got there.

Now you can prove your online marketing strategy is working! Every inbound marketing solution is measurable and data-driven. If it’s not working, we use the data to drive change and modify the strategy. If you’ve taken a wrong turn, we can reroute you back toward success.


How analytics & reporting works with your inbound strategy

Every website page, offer, call to action, landing page, and email is measured. We track how many visitors you have on your website, where they’re coming from, and what they’re doing. We do this to ensure our conversion paths are working, meaning that the call to actions are attractive and at least 20% of visitors are converting. If not, we modify, update, and enhance, so you can perform better online.


Website Analytics

80% of companies have no resources and budget devoted to website analytics.


Proving ROI

25% of marketers indicated that proving return on investment was their top challenge.


Inbound Marketing ROI

41% said inbound marketing delivered a return on investment.


ROI of Website Analytics

For every $1 invested into web analytics, a company received $10.66 — a return on investment of 966%.

(Source: HubSpot)

(Source: HubSpot)

(Source: Datalicious)


With the HubSpot tool, analytics are available daily. Using this insight, we can guide you through the next steps in the online marketing process to continually acquire more customers and delight existing ones. If one element isn’t performing well, we know when to modify it and continue measuring.

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We understand that you don’t have time to monitor analytics, and often they’re hard to understand. We value transparency. Through frequent reporting, we will help you understand what is happening on your website, social media platforms, blogs, emails, and landing pages through summaries, charts, and graphs. We will simplify the data.

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