As small business owners, we have a clear empathy for the daily business pain points experienced by our clients. e-webstrategy leverages these insights to demystify the marketing process. Based out of San Antonio, Texas, e-webstrategy began in July 2012 as an extension of Rozlaw LLC, and in 2014, repositioned our business efforts to focus on Inbound Marketing, the best way to do business online.

We understand that traditional marketing is broken and that the paradigm between businesses and consumers has shifted. Consumers are taking control and are tuning out “old-school” marketing that’s impersonal. We shift our clients’ online experience from interrupting buyers to attracting them. We market to humans who have real business problems and seek real business solutions.

e-webstrategy is your Inbound Marketing GPS, navigating you to online marketing success.
Guided Brand Development: We help you defined buyer persona groups so your business can attract, convert, close and delight the right customers.
Performance-Based Responsive Web Development: Then, we help you engage quality traffic by developing the right customer experience and creating optimized content.
Simplified Brand Activation: We activate your brand through inbound marketing methods such as blogs, landing pages and content offers rather than simply implementing segmented conventional online marketing efforts such as paid search/paid display, SEO, PPC/PPV.

Our Mission

Help businesses grow systematically through proven branding and marketing methodologies.

Our Vision

Position every business we work with to be successful.

Our Purpose

Work with businesses that thrive on change, growth and/or opportunities.

Our Values

We help organizations communicate and connect

We believe in supporting ideas and dreams, because that is what drives people forward. e-webstrategy harnesses the power of brand development through strategic content marketing thought leadership. We leverage that power against inbound marketing tools and e-commerce best practices to help people communicate their unique benefit and value online.

We are guided by values

As a value-driven organization, we serve the marketplace with excellence for the benefit of our clients and the glory of God, who makes it all possible.

We listen

Listening is often not practiced very well these days. We believe that we have the most to learn from our clients, because meaningful discovery correlates meaningful results.

We are learners

In an ever-changing digital economy, we thrive on our thirst for knowledge. We encourage questions, as they lead to answers that help us serve better.

We value good design

Communicating ideas should be simple, stylish as well as effective. We build content that evokes trust, delight, and engagement.

We value family and communities

We do good work and focus on those close to us. Our service and our people cross barriers to improve the communities we serve. Through servant leadership we strive to have a positive impact every day!

We are young at heart and full of life

We foster a vigorous, fresh and energetic organizational culture. We are a fun-loving, lean, high-output start-up that works virtually, almost paperless, and drives meetings with enthusiasm.

Our Team

We believe in managing to core strengths.


Rodrigo is the visionary and founder, he works directly with clients to develop and master strategy, business development, inbound marketing platforms and operations.
Strengths: Ideation, Strategic, Self-Assurance, Individualization, Input

Rodrigo Zurita

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Pablo manages the reliability of internal and external systems for our clients. He manages internal operations and works with our team to deliver on our promise of excellence.
Strengths: Futuristic, Analytical, Competition, Individualization, Achiever

Pablo Rebolledo

Chief Operations Officer

Gabriel builds connections leveraging proven inbound methodology. He has a passion and an eye for design and keeps a creative mind that fuels visual concepts for our clients.
Strengths: Achiever, Responsibility, Connectedness, Intellection, Innovation

Gabriel Zurita

Graphic Designer & Sales Developer

Brenda serves as co-founder of e-webstrategy. Her role provides key insight to customer satisfaction, sales strategy, finance and emotional corporate wellness.

Strengths: Connectedness, Activator, Strategic, Individualization, Woo

Brenda Zurita

Co-Founder & President

Ashley creates solutions and ensures a smooth sales process for clients. Her ability to put herself in other people's shoes creates a dynamic connection that allows her to help clients reach their desired goals.
Strengths: Hard-working, detailed oriented, passionate, loyal

Ashley Scott

Project Manager