Engineered Marketing Solutions

Engineered Marketing Solutions

Engineering is about form, function, and performance. An engineered marketing solution is a system predicated on meaningful discovery, proven customer-centric marketing systems, and a reliable team to walk you through a process to develop and leverage a powerful Unique Selling Proposition.

More often than not, and significantly more than marketers like to admit, most organizations correlate frustration, confusion, and even bad experiences to marketing.

These feelings are consistent regardless if “marketing” is in-house or outsourced.

87% of marketing, CX professionals say that customer experience is extremely important to their business.

  • Not Important

  • Somewhat Important

  • Extremely Important

Marketers looking to positively impact organizations in acquisition and or retention efforts are challenged and find it difficult to overcome objections, especially when the organization has what is sometimes referred to as marketing PTSD.

As an agency, we are not exempt from addressing these concerns when we meet prospective clients. We found that most  “negative’ experiences around marketing and promotion efforts have one thing in common.

If you don't plan to market well, you plan to fail.

Most organizations try to market by investing in tactics, enamored by the latest “growth hack” tip, trick, or marketing fad attributed to success, but luck has little to do with messaging effectiveness or marketing ROI.

What I can share is experience in the role that strategy and planning play in customer acquisition and retention, most measured explicitly in the Cost of Customer Acquisition (COCA) and Long Term Value (LTV).

When Jason and I have crucial conversations with entrepreneurs or executives, these metrics (Key Performance Indicators) come up, and we hear “crickets,” we know two things.

First, we need to be vigilant to effectively navigate present frustration, negative preconceived notions and assumptions, and fear of failure. 

Second, we know that part of the problem is that there is an opportunity to solve for consensus in and around systems and processes that create visibility and transparency (welcomed notions in marketing and sales). The premise of truth in love applies in business, too, and, by design, we leverage or wield truth to get everyone on the same page. They say that numbers don’t lie, and whoever “they” are, well, “they” are correct!

After we set up marketing automation, advocate synthesis of marketing, create sales processes and strategies around closed-loop reporting, we begin to observe trust momentum building towards common goals and the KPIs that get us there.

The thing that most marketers get wrong is the listening part. There is a perceivable difference between listening to qualify or prescribe than to truly listen to someone’s business challenge(s) with no agenda other than to seek to understand and empathize.

How can we set up a time to listen to you?

As consultants, we have the privilege of listening to exemplify values necessary in every fruitful relationship. Listening is a dependent variable in the equation solving for essential collaboration.

Guess what? Good marketing happens when people trust and collaborate well around proven processes and experience.

In our years, this dynamic is foundational to developing a strong marketing strategy and plan. Once you have those two, execution is straightforward with professional project management.  Thanks to our project manager, Pablo, who has this vital role.

Engineered Marketing Solution, like any successful relationship, intentionality allows for a better opportunity for meaningful connections around shared values and desired outcomes.

Here at e-webstrategy, we would love to sit and listen to you and come alongside you to help you successfully market your company.  Our fractional marketing team has helped many businesses increase their sales, improve productivity, increase business growth, and help companies save money by offering our expert advice and guidance.  Let us help you take your ideas to full-on concepts.  Let’s begin a journey together. Our team is ready to help you start your marketing strategy today.

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